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Planning Your Appointment

Please arrive to your scheduled appointment on time. Appointments are made according to time management and getting every person scheduled accommodated. If you are late to your appointment, it pushes back my other appointments for the rest of the day. Therefore, after 15 minutes you will be considered a no show and your appointment will need to be rescheduled. I do charge a fee for no show appointments. It's best to arrive right on time to your appointment, as early guests may need to wait and due to covid concerns, Sola Salons do not allow for waiting in the hallway. I can not alter your appointment time scheduled the day of your appointment. This is often hard to do even a week prior. Appointments are booked in advance and it is rare that I have any free time to move your time around. Masks are optional. You are welcome to remove your mask as you wish. I have already had Covid and my salon is clean, the air is purified and you are free here! Thank you for understanding.

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