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Going Blonde!

Let's talk about color, specifically blonde. Why do some blondes have a warm tone, while others are more ashy and cool toned? It all starts with your God given natural hair color. The level at which we are born with helps to determine how our natural hair color lifts. The darker the natural hair, the warmer the lift will be. EVERYONE'S hair pulls warm. The darker the hair, the warmer the lift but lighter colors also pull warm and live inside yellow tones. With this picture, I am drawing you a prime example of how different natural hair colors lift. The hair on the left is a natural level 5 and lifted to a level 9. The hair on the right is a natural level 7 and lifted to a level 9. This means that the hair on the right has skipped the orange and yellow-orange stage, which makes her blonde lighter and brighter. When lightening the hair, it happens in steps. Each step you take, the more porous your hair will become. This is why it is absolutely essential to keep up on hair maintenance to ensure the color you are wanting to achieve, more importantly, the health and integrity of your hair! When you are darker naturally, your hair has to go through more warm stages than those with natural light hair color. It means it will also go brassy easier than someone with naturally lighter hair.

Your natural hair color is also a key factor in what shade of blonde will look best on you. If you have a naturally warm hair color, the warmer toned blonde will compliment your skin tone best. If you're naturally a dark cool toned brunette, a neutral shade of blonde highlights will look best. When going too ashy with a natural dark, the hair often goes muddy, flat, has a green appearance or can look grey. The ashy tones do not reflect light as the warm tones do, so when adding dimension into a dark color, ashy tones do not reflect light as well as warm tones do. Also, dark brunettes often ask to lift their natural base color a shade or two lighter without using bleach. This idea is great, if you love warm tones. Dark hair will be very warm when lifting a shade or two without bleach. This means RED and COPPER! So unless you have that natural level 7 hair, you can not achieve the Pinterest picture with a natural level 5 and below. I can make your hair lighter. I can get the cool tones you want BUT it will not stay that way without regular maintenance!!! To keep your hair refined and never brassy, you must maintain the health of your hair by using the proper products and shampoo and you must refresh your toner every 6 weeks.

When looking at pictures on Pinterest or Instagram or even photos of friends, I recommend choosing from a picture with your same natural hair color. Always remember that pictures are great but they are only inspirations of a goal you'd like to achieve. I can not make you look exactly like a picture. What I can do is take that picture, use it as a guide to perfecting your perfect hair color. It's all about you, your hair texture, your lifestyle, your skin tone and the health of your hair. Let's make your hair healthy, beautiful and better than you could have ever imagined. You are always beautiful!

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