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I am so blessed to meet you and thank you for trusting me with your hair. Our hair is our crown and glory, so I understand how much it means for you to put your trust into me. At the end of the day, you are my walking advertisement and I take that very seriously! You must rock it and feel beautiful! With that being said, I always book out more time for a new guest in my salon suite. Just as I am getting to know you, I am also getting to know your hair! Your hair has it's own story. Is it long, thick, fine, course, previously colored, damaged, healthy, porous and how does it take color? Can I lift it evenly and to the level you desire in 20 minutes or does your hair need more time? What about those pesky greys? Does your grey/white hair cover easily or do I need to use more power? What about your hair cut? How do you feel about your hair and what do you want to see in the mirror? These are all questions in which I will find answers to the first time you visit me. So when you book an appointment, don't be alarmed with the time frame blocked out for you because I want to make sure you receive the time you deserve!!! At your next appointment, I will know exactly how long your future appointments will take. Some girls require 45 minutes to three hours, where others need 5 to 6 hours. It all depends on what we are doing that day, what you want to achieve and what the story of your hair has told me. Trust the process and know I got you! Snacks and drinks are complimentary and you will enjoy this time for yourself that is all about you and my walking advertisement of art. You are important to me!!!

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