Location REMINDER!

I am located inside Sola Salon Studios #19 next to Burgers and Beer and Shogun! Maps is taking clients to the mall because the Sola inside the mall is new and we are getting their clients and they are getting ours! If you are inside the mall Sola, you're in the wrong place!

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Please book appointments online via my website at I do not set up appointments through text, Instagram or Facebook. This helps us both to keep track of appointments and confirm

If you will be receiving a color service of any kind, please come with clean hair. Hair will absorb color and also lift easier if the hair is clean. Dirty hair will be coated in oils and product whic

I am inside a private salon suite, inside Sola Salon Studios and only take one client at a time. You have freedom in my salon suite and masks are optional! This is your home away from home and it is v