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Color Clients

If you will be receiving a color service of any kind, please come with clean hair. Hair will absorb color and also lift easier if the hair is clean. Dirty hair will be coated in oils and product which can block the absorption of color and/or lightener. It is best to have your hair clean and absent of product. Leave in conditioner, hair spray, heat protectant and oils will effect your color. I know there is a belief out there that the oil from dirty hair protects from damage. The oil and product build up can actually cause more damage. I use Olaplex to help protect your hair and keep it healthy. Another recommendation is to always tell me if you have used Henna or organic hair color in the past. These types of dyes can have adverse effects when lightening the hair. If you've ever used those types of color dyes, doing a test strand is imperative!! Monat is another hair product that has been known to cause damage when lifting hair, so please inform me if you are using Monat. Last but not least, medications, thyroid issues and hormones are a big factor in how your hair absorbs color and/or lifts with lightener. The more I know, the better my game plan and the better I can do your hair for the best results possible. Remember, summer activities also play a huge part in the longevity of your color and gloss toner. Swimming in chlorine and/or salt water will strip your gloss toner and fade out your color. Hard water and sun can also fade out your color and toner. My beautiful light blondes can turn green in chlorine and highlighted hair can feel damaged because chlorine and salt water will dry the hair out. Using proper products is absolutely necessary in maintaining hair health. A refresh toner after your summer play list is also necessary to keep your hair healthy, void of the dreaded chlorine green and from turning brassy. For my lightest blondes, purple shampoo should only be used once per week and only after you notice your gloss toner fading out. Not all purple shampoos are created equal and most will dry your hair out. Davines makes a fantastic shampoo and conditioner to keep the brass at bay.

On another note, previously colored hair, especially box dye, does not lift as easily as virgin hair! Lifting through previously colored hair is a process and much slower than lifting virgin hair. Patience is key in maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. When looking at inspiration pictures, look for pictures that resemble your hair type. Course thick hair versus fine thin hair will have a different outcome even if starting with the same base color and using the same color products. Inspiration pictures are just that, an inspiration. My motto is sisters, not twins! Duplicating an exact match with two completely different heads is impossible, therefore your inspiration pictures are only a guide to your end result.

Great hair is maintenance but you are worth it!!

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