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zarin taslima
Jul 16, 2022
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Reinvigorating the grounds of contemporary kirsch at Frederiksdal Estate on the Isle of Roland. Forefoot Peter Heering's cherry wine brand was secretly sold to the Dutch, and the Danish royal family promoted Frederiksdal cherry wine as an after-dinner drink for state banquets. Don't bully our small country with few people. Although the land is not big and the resources are not extensive, the cherries are only sour, and we have cherry wine. Frederiksdal Manor grows sour company banner design Stevensbær cherries (Stevnsbær) only in Denmark, which are incomparable with the cherries along the Adriatic coast, let alone the cherries that were "recommended in the temple" in the Han and Tang Dynasties. historical position. The new owner is Harald Krabbe, an agricultural economist who used to work in Uganda. He bought the estate in 2000 and wanted to cut down the sour cherry trees and plant them instead. Fortunately, this person is quite cautious in making friends. He mentioned this at lunch with reporter Morten Brink Iwersen. The latter was shocked when he heard this and said that he must not be so reckless. The owner of the manor then registered the trademark in 2006 and began to make wine. Later, with the technical support of the famous chef Jan Friis-Mikkelsen, the three of them got together in the cherry orchard. Today, it claims to produce nine kinds of cherry wine with different acidity, and the annual output has increased from 200 bottles in 2008 to 40,000 bottles now. It has been sold to China since 2012. When the Queen of Denmark visited China in 2014, it was used as a national gift. Of course, China also imported a few bottles to save face.
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zarin taslima

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